Greatest WPT Moment – Bad Boys II

One of the greatest poker moments on the World Poker Tour came when poker professionals Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Men Nguyen, Jean-Robert Bellande, Tony G, and Gus Hansen sat down to play in the Bad Boys of Poker Part Two edition. The Bad Boys series on the World Poker Tour is a high, energetic concept within the WPT umbrella. Unpredictable to watch, and a lot of trash talk, both wonderful ingredients to witness.
The reigning Bad Boy champion, Gus Hansen, sat in seat six to defend his title. Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow is a wonderful rival to behold. But the priceless moment of the tournament came when Tony “Australian Airbag” G and Jean-Robert Bellande went head-to-head. Bellande, the nonchalant player at the final table, behind Men “The Master” Nguyen, had a jack of diamonds and seven of spades. Tony G, who appeared to be sporting a samurai attire and waving a hand-held fan into battle, holding a queen of spades and a jack of clubs. The flop made both players a straight, however Tony G had a bigger one.

How Tony G made Bellande think he had the best hand was fun to watch. Tony G tells Bellande to “Slow down” and “How much do you want me to raise you?” Jean-Robert Bellande and Tony G collided on the flop with a few re-raises idn poker online. The moment of the night was when Tony G said that Bellande would raise a hundred and forty thousand chips and Bellande outwitted Tony G with the line, “I’m raising a hundred and thirty-nine thousand.” Although this word exchange was priceless, Bellande eventually lost the hand by Tony G’s higher straight.

In my opinion, this was the best episode in the World Poker Tour. It had a lot of classic moments. Also, I believe that this series should become an annual event. The Bad Boy series has been missing for a few years now in the tournament schedule on the WPT, and is sorely missed.

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